Kirito (divine_judge) wrote in law_disorder,

Characters: Open!
Location and date: The Black Rose, the place to see and be seen in Sekyong City!
Rating: PG (for now?)
Warning: None yet
Summary: Now that we actually have a bunch of members, let's get this show on the road! Party at Club The Black Rose, everybody's welcome! (Except for those in jail, but I don't believe anyone currently a member is, so all's good.)

It was the kind of party nobody wanted to miss. Not because it was the best party they'd ever gone to (though hey, it might end up being just that), but because not being seen there could mean a serious dent in your rep. It was also one of the few times you'd find drug lords having a drink with the DA, or police officers playing cards with prostitutes. Nobody knew why, it was just what a party at The Black Rose was like. Of course, once you stepped outside, all bets were off.

The doors opened, the beat was heard in the entire neighbourhood - but it was okay, since everyone who mattered was inside anyway.

Welcome to The Black Rose.
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