Ozawa Maria (ozawa_maria) wrote in law_disorder,
Ozawa Maria

Characters: Ozawa Maria, open
Location and date: A sleazy diner close to the police station
Rating: PG
Warning: None yet
Summary: Like a walking cliché, Maria has breakfast after a particularly long shift. Come and keep her awake?

Who'd have thought, Maria thought while she drank her coffee (or something that was supposed to be coffee, anyway), who'd have thought that the life of a cop in this city would be so much like on TV? Eating bad food, sleeping at odd times of the day or night, days filled with bad jokes and unquestioned loyalty. She liked it.

Today, though, she didn't like it all that much. She'd been with the cybercrimes squad for two years now, ever since she first started as a cop, and she'd had the same partner for those same two years. At first she hadn't been sure if she'd get along with the large, surly man with the little moustache, but soon enough she'd learned that no matter how curt he could be, he was an excellent teacher and she could trust him with her life and everything else that was bothering her as well. Before she knew it he'd known her entire life story and she'd cried against his shoulder when they were unable to save that little girl... ah, it still hurt thinking about that.

Anyway, that man, the one who taught her everything, was being transferred to a different district. She understood, it would be nice for him to be closer to his family, but that did mean she was partnerless for the time being. Ah, life...

She ate the rest of her breakfast in silence.
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