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Characters: Yamamoto Yusuke + OPEN
Location and date:
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary: Yusuke (and me) are bored! So when a prostitute is bored - he goes on a manhunt!

Fingers played with the arms of oversized sunglasses, teeth held a full bottom lip in place, while long, slim legs crossed almost elegantly. Yusuke Yamamoto was out in an open air cafe, the smell of his capuccino wafting into his nose as a slight breeze blew it into his direction. He smiled softly thanks to the pleasant aroma. But almost as quickly as it came, the smile disappeared. It was time to be serious.

It was time to find a client.

Although his muscles were still a bit sore from his client last night (the man was really into bondage), Yusuke wanted to find someone new. He needed to find someone new. The refrigerator at home was getting a bit empty and his mother's medical bills were slowly - but surely - piling up. So as many guys he could get a day - the better. Hell, he'd even be up for an orgy right about now just as long as they willingly paid. But unfortunately, things seemed to be slow in Sekyong City and no type of appealing man had shown up at all.

Yusuke was disappointed.
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