mypapertears (mypapertears) wrote in law_disorder,

[log] lunch break

Characters: Akanishi Jin & Toda Erika
Location and date: Erika's Office
Rating: PG?
Warning: ---
Summary: Jin comes to bug/watch Erika while on his lunch break.
Status: Completed.

Erika bowed politely to the guards who now led a prisoner away from her office. A knife fight...honestly, where did prisoners get these things? They sure weren't making her job any easier, and when one of the individuals got a deep cut in the arm he was marched into her office (more like dragged in while wailing, actually...staring at his arm wide eyed and howling in pain). She'd cleaned up the cut well enough, and wrapped his arm. Wouldn't be able to flex his fingers properly for a month and his bicep insertion tendon was torn. So really, the guy would have to walk around with one arm hanging perfectly straight for around two months. She felt sorry for him, but, of course, if the fight hadn't happened in the first place he wouldn't have been injured.

For now Erika was left to clean up the mess. The prisoner had been sloppy, turning his arm in shock and letting blood drip all on the patient bed and the floor. A prison in itself may not be the cleanest place on earth, but Erika liked to keep her workspace tidy. It would negate much of her work if she didn't. She wet a cloth and scrubbed against the cushions so it soaked in the blood. Eventually Erika was down on her hands and knees, wiping the floor clean when the door opened.
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