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[log] lunch break

Characters: Akanishi Jin & Toda Erika
Location and date: Erika's Office
Rating: PG?
Warning: ---
Summary: Jin comes to bug/watch Erika while on his lunch break.
Status: Completed.

Erika bowed politely to the guards who now led a prisoner away from her office. A knife fight...honestly, where did prisoners get these things? They sure weren't making her job any easier, and when one of the individuals got a deep cut in the arm he was marched into her office (more like dragged in while wailing, actually...staring at his arm wide eyed and howling in pain). She'd cleaned up the cut well enough, and wrapped his arm. Wouldn't be able to flex his fingers properly for a month and his bicep insertion tendon was torn. So really, the guy would have to walk around with one arm hanging perfectly straight for around two months. She felt sorry for him, but, of course, if the fight hadn't happened in the first place he wouldn't have been injured.

For now Erika was left to clean up the mess. The prisoner had been sloppy, turning his arm in shock and letting blood drip all on the patient bed and the floor. A prison in itself may not be the cleanest place on earth, but Erika liked to keep her workspace tidy. It would negate much of her work if she didn't. She wet a cloth and scrubbed against the cushions so it soaked in the blood. Eventually Erika was down on her hands and knees, wiping the floor clean when the door opened.
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There was no good reason for Jin to keep coming here during his lunch break. It wasn't as if he was dating anyone in the nurse's wing and most of the times he just got kicked out for eating in a space that was supposed to be sterile... or clean at least. Still, like many days before, here he was, slipping into Erika's office without her permission.

Very nice.

The first thing he saw was her backside and he couldn't help but smirk a little as he watched her clean for a few moments before clearing his throat. "Messy patient?"
As usual when cleaning, Erika was a bit spaced out, aware that the door had opened but without coming to the conscious realization that this meant someone was standing there probably watching her. Which is why she absolutely froze at his voice. It was Jin...invading her office again not that she really minded...

But she paused, made one more pass over the dirty spot, then stood up and turned around, the cloth stained with blood in her hand. "Un. There was a knife fight. Two of the guys in cell block C were getting rowdy." She explained simply before moving to the sink to wash out the rag.

"And what brings you here?" Erika already knew. Lunch. Somehow her office was the right setting to eat in? She didn't get it, but Jin was in here often enough during lunch breaks.
"I know, I work here too," Jin pointed out lazily, opening his bento box to check what was inside (he'd bought it in the cantine but he hadn't had time to actually see what the ingredients were. It didn't matter much, anyway, he liked all the varieties). "I watched the guard trying to seperate those guys."

Her question made him shrug. He knew didn't really need an answer, so instead of replying, he fell down on the seat usually occupied by patients and started eating his lunch.
Erika frowned and pushed her bangs out of her eyes, before twisting the rag in her hands to let out the remaining soapy water into the sink. Of course Jin worked here and didn't need to mention it. But that didn't mean she knew where he was every second of his work time.

"Just watched? I heard the guard had a tough time with it." She hung the cloth up to dry, and then washed and dried her own hands. Then she bent down once more to get to the prisoner's file in her file cabinet. It was time to write the report on what had happened...the medical portion of it anyway. The diagnosis and instructions for the healing process.
Eating his rice, Jin took his time to reply. "What can I say," he smirked when he'd finally had enough, "I'm a lover, not a fighter." He rolled his eyes at his own cheesy line. "I was way on the other side, by the time I was there it was already taken care of." So maybe he'd taken his time getting there, but he'd just got his uniform back from the dry cleaners and he didn't want to get it dirty again. Or... he'd just washed his hair. Something like that, anyway.

He watched her tidy up and generally get work done. "Don't you have to eat? You're thin as a stick already."
A lover, not a fighter? Honestly... Erika shook her head and raised a dubious eyebrow while pulling out the patient's file. She sat down at her desk and started on the paperwork. Her mind was starting to run away with it, her pen as well as she scribbled out the details when Jin's voice brought her back again.

"I'll eat when work is done. If I were to stop I might forget some important details." She started to jot down information again, but stopped. "And I'm not that thin, I'm perfectly healthy."
"You work so hard, Erika-chan," Jin drawled, using her first name as if they'd known each other for ages. He vaguely wondered if it annoyed her, but it didn't seem that important. "But eating alone isn't that much fun, you know." He should know, he just finished his own lunch after all.

"You're okay," he decided after watching her for a bit, "but you could use a little more flesh on your bones." Jin liked his girls just a tiny bit chubby.
Erika turned away from him in her chair, mostly so he couldn't see her bite her lip in response to calling her Erika-chan. True, she liked the nicname, but she tried to keep a professional persona at work. She finished up the notes on the patient quickly while Jin finished eating.

"You know," Erika replied as she stood to go put the patient's file away. "If you're so concerned about eating alone you could bring me food too? Just a thought." Considering that her Mom had moved back to Japan with her little sister, Erika was alone to make meals...something she forgot to do for herself perhaps too often.
Leaning back on the two hind legs of the chair, Jin laughed. "You're the girl, shouldn't you be the one bringing me food instead? You're lucky I haven't complained before even though I'm here every single day." Of course, Erika had never actually asked him to come over during his lunch time, making his comment less than valid, but he conveniently forgot that part.
She closed the filing cabinet before turning back to Jin, no longer busy so suddenly handling him was a lot more awkward. But he was done eating...she didn't have a reason to throw him out of her office. Great...umm...

The chair slid back silently as she slipped into the seat across from Jin. "Don't you complain when you're in here anyway? And I can't remember to bring myself would you expect me to remember to bring you food? You'd starve and end up as skinny as you claim I am."
"I never complain," Jin pouted, not entirely truthfully. "And maybe it'd help if you were bringing me food. Thinking of it for yourself is hard, but thinking of someone else would probably be easier, right?" He smiled hopefully, his head slightly tilted like a dog hoping for a treat from its boss.

A glance at his watch told him lunchtime was almost over, but there was still a little time left to fight this cause.
"I doubt it." Erika sighed, trying to not be pulled into the vortex of Jin's puppy dog pleading face. "And in my experience, a girl usually doesn't bring lunch for a guy unless he's her boyfriend. Right?" Her thoughts spilled out as she crossed her arms and gazed over her office, making sure everything was clean again. She'd probably want to run a dry cloth over the spots she'd cleaned just to be overly meticulous...
"Hmm, I guess." Jin thought about that for a moment, but then his face brightened. "I won't tell anyone, so it's okay, you can still bring me lunch." There.

He stretched lazily and flexed the muscles in his neck and shoulders. "I should probably get back to work... I'm looking forward to getting lunch from you tomorrow." He got up and stretched again.
So she'd wipe down the cushion again and then...wait...what? Erika blinked up at Jin while he stood and stretched. "Eh? I never said I would...what?" Did he just invite himself to have her cooking? Oh crap. She wouldn't do it. She'd forget...oh, who was she kidding. It would be on her mind all day now.

Erika scrambled out of her chair to somehow make herself look busy rather than annoyed and flustered. "Right. You do that. Work and all." She nodded to herself, not quite sure what was happening or why on earth Jin had come to the conclusion that she could even properly cook, let alone for it to be presentable. Or was it one of those 'all girls can cook' sorts of things? Oh, what was she thinking. She could cook just fine. Ahh...brain tangents...what?
Smirking a little, Jin made his way to the door. "That's settled then. Bye Erika-chan, thanks for your wonderful company, see you tomorrow! Make me something good..."

Without waiting for a reply, he opened the door, whistling a happy song as he walked out of her office.