kimjaewook (kimjaewook) wrote in law_disorder,

[LOG: First Meetings]

Characters: Takaki Yuya, Kim Jae Wook
Location and date:  er... coffee shop then so on/present
Rating: PG
Warning: Awkwardness
Summary: First meeting between the two.

     JaeWook had ended up in his regular coffee shop once again. He had just finished with a client whose name tasted awful so he had decided to stay in his cozy corner sketching and observing people. He seemed to do this often because by now the owner recognized his face. The owner was a nice mid-aged man who always looked out for JaeWook. Although JaeWook had no idea why. It didn't seem as if he needed protecting of any kind. JaeWook didn't really mind, the owner's name tasted like caramel macchiatos.

     Because he was only involved in freelance work currently JaeWook had a lot of time on his hands. Sure he had pleasant working hours, but he was getting bored. He sat with his chin leaning precariously in the hand of a propped up elbow and lazily drew elaborate patterns in his moleskin sketchbook.
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