mypapertears (mypapertears) wrote in law_disorder,

[log] dinner for two

Characters: Akanishi Jin & Toda Erika
Location and date: Erika's Office [day after prior log]
Rating: PG?
Warning: ---
Summary: Somehow Jin convinced Erika to make him lunch (she's clueless as to how this all worked out).

Oh what an eventful evening Erika had. It wasn't natural. And yet Erika found herself in a supermarket against her better judgement picking out ingredients to make a meal for Jin and herself. It could just be a joke...she considered. He could send someone else in first and have me make a fool of myself for a laugh. Would Jin do that? It's possible...

She settled on a simple bento featuring meat balls and a basic pasta dish. And some rice balls too since they weren't too difficult to make. Hopefully it looked presentable. Erika kept the meal buried in her bag. She didn't know what to expect. And besides, that next morning she had work to do. Apparently a few of the prisoners had teamed up to complain of fake headaches today and kept popping up in her office with less warning than usual begging her for medicine. "No, for the thousandth time, I'm not giving you anything." Erika sighed exhasperatedly as the door to her office opened again. She was sitting in her chair at her desk rubbing her own forehead. If the prisoners didn't need medicine...maybe she did?
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